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Launched and tested by the premier hash engineers at Sample Automation, the Rosin Reactor is the pinnacle of automated solventless manufacturing. With its powerful and dynamic technology, you can precisely sculpt and automate the texture of rosin and resin products, transforming the complex into a simple repeatable process.

It’s not just a machine; it’s a revolution in real-time decarboxylation tracking, enabling a level of precision previously unattainable. The integrated calculator for customized pressure and temperature settings functions like a secret recipe book, only it’s for consistently making connoisseur-grade cannabis products.

The Rosin Reactor doesn’t just meet industry standards-it redefines them, offering hash-makers and engineers an inviting yet sophisticated tool that’s ready to elevate their craft to new stratospheres.

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Bubbleman – Marcus Richardson

When I first saw the Rosin Reactor and met Andrew and Corey and had them explain to me the simplicity of the unit. I was so relieved to not ever have to watch bubbles in a vac oven again. Having a very specific piece of equipment to get the job done (in our case live hash rosin vape pens and edibles), is exactly what we were waiting for. The fact you can monitor it from home or wherever you happen to be through your phone was a huge bonus. The fact that Corey can’t help himself and monitors the batches as well, came in super helpful when he discovered a problem on our first day using it. He was able to shut it down and we came in the next day and fixed the problem. That kind of service is priceless and why I always refer clients to Sample Automation and Rosin Reactors.
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Illuminated Extractors – JD Garrick

The Rosin Reactor has revolutionized the oil-making process, delivering unparalleled quality and flavor for vape pens. Its innovative design ensures thorough decarboxylation, preserving the essence of the botanicals for a truly aromatic experience. We've tried other methods, but none compared to the consistent excellence achieved with the Rosin Reactor.
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The Rosin Reactor transforms the art of THCa decarboxylation, providing a clear window into the reaction like never before. It shifts the paradigm from subjective observation to definitive, data-driven process validation, charting a new course for accuracy and reliability.

Utilizing the Rosin Decarb Calculator, operators gain the advantage of monitoring the exact progress of decarboxylation as it happens, ensuring precision and confidence in every batch. The eradication of uncertainty means solventless operations can now operate with a newfound serenity.

Our experience with the Reactor has been revelatory:

- By fine-tuning the decarboxylation process, the Reactor maintains terpenes, safeguarding the essence and flavor for premium vape cartridges. Comparative COAs pre- and post-decarb highlight an increase in terpene concentration and the preservation of their profiles.

- The realization that a universal approach is insufficient: Concentrate variables such as moisture, THCa structure, and terpene content influence the decarb process, necessitating tailored solutions.

- The myth of bubble observation as a completeness cue has been debunked. CO2 bubbles signify THC transformation, not the finish line. Premature cessation can lead to opacity from residual THCa crystallization.

The Rosin Reactor ensures a consistent, high-quality outcome, empowering operators to craft with confidence and clarity.

Rosin Reactor Logo

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By featuring our label on your packaging, you’re telling a story of commitment to innovation and quality. It’s our way of assuring customers they’re choosing a brand that values superior craftsmanship and the pursuit of purity in their concentrate and edible products.
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Rosin Reactor Calculator

The Rosin Reactor Calculator is your personal recipe book for textures, helping you program your desired consistency and automate with ease. Just input your specifications, and let the technology do the rest, ensuring your products are crafted to perfection every time.

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Join the Trichome Syndicate, a collaborative network where experienced operators and leading equipment providers unite to navigate the intricate art of cannabis manufacturing. Embrace the collective wisdom and innovation that drives our industry forward.

Charting our Evolution.

At Sample Automation, we’ve taken the success of the Crown Miner System and propelled innovation even further to craft the Rosin Reactor. This next evolution in our line of technology is born from a relentless pursuit of perfection and the collaborative insights of industry leaders. It represents a synergy of tradition and advanced engineering, designed to meet the rigorous standards of the most passionate hash-makers.

The Rosin Reactor is not just a step forward; it’s a new benchmark in precision, efficiency, and quality in solventless cannabis production. It’s our commitment to offering professionals not only a tool but a key to unlocking unparalleled product excellence. Step into the future of cannabis refinement with Sample Automation, where each Rosin Reactor assures a fusion of sleek design, intuitive functionality, and the cool confidence of leading-edge innovation.

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